Can Yelp start recommending places please?

If there is one thing Yelp knows about me, it’s what and where I like to eat. They’ve seen my five star reviews, my one star reviews, and the types of places I like to visit. Also, Yelp usually knows about how good a new restaurant is before PR gears have been set in motion or it has been officially reviewed by the local blogs/paper as Yelpers can be extremely efficient about writing reviews. Yelp also knows how to classify places by cuisine, cost, place type (bar, cafe, restaurant, etc) and it knows how users group it with other, supposedly similar places, on lists.

Given all that, how do they not offer recommendations?

Yelp, please find me more places like Gato. Thanks.

Yelp, please find me more places like Gato. Thanks.

Let me clarify: to go beyond expanded search options such as they have today, like “romantic restaurant” or “best dinner” but something along the lines of “find me a place like this one”
or find me a place with similar cuisine, ambiance at a similar cost in this city.” Perhaps start with an Amazon-type suggestion driven by positive reviews by the same user, like “diners who have enjoyed this have also enjoyed that.” Finally, suggest placed I might like based on my positive reviews. C’mon, Yelp, you should know by now how much I love good bakeries. Suggest some to me. 

There are so many different sites writing about food and apps listing reviewing restaurants that the available information is perhaps too plentiful. It’s easy to find reviews written about a restaurant but harder, in some ways, to discover new places, especially in an unfamiliar town. Yelp has the most reviews and widest user base to potentially create a good, if not great, recommendation engine. Please get to it.

PS If there’s already a feature like this and I couldn’t find it, please direct me to it ASAP. Thanks.


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