Citymapper: still more goodness

A few weeks ago I wrote about the apps nominated for Best Mobile App at the Crunchies. I picked Citymapper as my favorite of the lot but the forces at TechCrunch believed that Facebook Messenger was the best of the year. I’d say that Citymapper was robbed but I have to admit that Messenger appeals to a much larger audience than Citymapper.


The detailed directions for the chosen route. Note the Entrance (and Exit, not visible) recommendation, the Best Section recommendation and the Planned Work warning.

That said, last week I had the opportunity to use Citymapper again in New York City and while I thought it was perfect before, it has gotten better. How? It still tells users all the transportation options they have to go from point A to point B and it still does it well, offering many options and combinations, including rain-safe routes when it’s raining. What I liked is that Citymapper added tips for tourists. While that’s not the official name, they added some great orientation aids including what station entrance to use, the recommended train section, and what exit to use when leaving the destination station. For tourists, especially in a subway system like New York’s with multiple lines and multiple exit points from each station, these tips save many navigational mishaps. Citymapper also notes planned work on the line, warning users of potential delays. These are the small product touches that make the overall experience complete, providing features users weren’t even looking for.

Finally, a request. Citymapper has a robust (at least in New York) database of places to make finding points A and B easy. From restaurants and hotels to museums and monuments, Citymapper had every location I looked for. What would help is a bit more info on the place such as opening hours, web site, Yelp rating, etc. Regardless, Citymapper is indispensible when travelling. Don’t leave home without it.


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