Today’s motivation: reduce friction

I may be stretching the limits of your patience with my fascination with Meerkat’s explosion, but I promise that this is the last post on the topic. At least for this week. My excuse: a tweet that succinctly (as all tweets do) gives a compelling reason for its success and one that product managers need to aspire to.

Even before Meerkat there were plenty of products that enabled live video streaming. There were/are some that even work well with Twitter, Periscope for one. But Owen Williams’ analysis is spot on: sometimes to create incredible adoption and growth, all a new app will need is to reduce friction. It doesn’t have to be something completely different.

So when you’re designing your next app, two pieces of advice:

First, make it as frictionless as you possibly can. Reduce steps, reduce clicks, and reduce screens.

Second, even if you see that a competitor has created a product,don’t despair, just make yours smoother, faster, and  easier.

That is all. Easy, right?



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