Live blogging the Super Bowl ads: what social media service is the current ad industry darling?

Today I’m live blogging the Super Bowl, but not the action on the field. Rather, I’m tracking what social networks are mentioned in ads. The summary and analysis will come tomorrow, as I try to compare to previous Super Bowls. I’ll kick off the tally just as soon as Idina Menzel sings the anthem.


Ad Batch Advertiser Hashtag Social Media Mention
1 SpongeBob Movie
1 Chevy
1 McDonalds
1 Blacklist NBC
1 Saturday Night Live NBC
2 Jurassic World
2 Chevrolet #ChevyColorado
2 eSurance #Sorta URL only
3 Toyota #OneBoldChoice
3 TurboTax
4 Game of War App
4 Tomorrow Land
4 BMW #HelloFuture URL
5 Minion Movie
5 Snickers #EatASnickers
5 Pepsi Halftime Show
5 The Voice
5 Blacklist (Repeat)
6 Carnival Cruises URL
6 Skittles #SettleIt
6 Lexus #LexusNX
6 T-Mobile #KimsDataStash Facebook, Twitter, URL
7 Budweiser #BestBuds
7 Nationwide URL
7 Terminator Movie
7 Night Shift NBC URL
8 Coca Cola #MakeItHappy
8 Avocado & Mexico #FirstDraftEver
8 Dig Deeper Movie
9 Fast & Furious 7 Movie URL
9 Dove Men #RealStrength
9 Allegiance NBC
10 Doritos #Doritos
10 Nissan #WithDad
11 Nationwide #MakeSafeHappen URL
11 Weight Watchers URL
11 Weather Tech URL
11 Pepsi Halftime Show (Repeat)
12 McDonalds (Repeat)
12 eSurance #Sorta
13 Fiat #500X URL
13 GoDaddy #GoDaddy
13 Discover Card URL
13 Blacklist NBC
14 Microsoft #empowering
14 Squarespace URL
15 No More URL
15 Xfinity URL
15 Honda
15 Tamiflu URL
15 (Don Cheadle teaser) #SuperBowlRally
16 Toyota
16 Pitch Perfect Movie 2 Facebook & Snapchat
16 Today Show #RiseToShine
17 AD The Bible NBC
17 Pepsi Halftime


Super Bowl 47

Super Bowl 47

Now let’s go watch Katy Perry!


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