Live blogging the Super Bowl ads: the Second Half

So far, out of 56 ads, one mentioned Facebook and Twitter and another mentioned Facebook and Snapchat. A disappointing social media presence so far.


Ad Batch Advertiser Hashtag Social Media Mention
18 Always #LikeAGirl
18 Geico
18 Sketchers
19 The Voice NBC
19 Blacklist NBC
19 NBC Bay Area URL
19 Ecuador #AllYouNeedIsEcuador
19 Toyota URL
19 NBC Bay Area APP
19 (Britney teaser) #SuperBowlRally
20 Clash of Clans App (Game)
20 Sprint Mobile URL
20 Lexus #LexusRC URL
21 Microsoft #empowering
21 Dodge
22 Kia URL
22 Jublia URL
22 (New England teaser) #SuperBowlRally
22 Heroes Reborn NBC #HeroesReborn
22 Allegiance NBC
23 T-Mobile #WiFiCalling Twitter, Facebook, URL
23 Budweiser
23 Blacklist NBC (Repeat)
24 Jeep URL
25 Saturday Night Live NBC
25 NFL #SuperBowlRally
25 GrubHub APP, URL
25 Jack In The Box #BetterBelieveIt
26 Ted 2 URL
26 Mophie #StayPowerful
26 Locktite #WinAtGlue
26 Royals E!
27 Bud Light #UpForWhatever
27 Odyssey NBC #OdelleLives
28 Mercedes #TheBigRace URL
28 Chicago Fire & Chicago PD NBC #OneChicago URL
28 The Slap NBC
29 50 Shades of Grey URL
29 Doritos #Doritos
29 Blacklist NBC
29 The Tonight Show NBC
30 Wix #ItsThatEasy URL
30 Victoria’s Secret
30 Heroes Charge URL, App
30 Allegiance NBC
31 Lexus #LexusRC
31 Xfinity (Repeat)
31 Scientology URL
31 Toyota URL

Aaaaaaand we’re out! That’s it for the live-blog for Super Bowl 49!!!

Tom Brady raising the Lombardi trophy

Tom Brady raising the Lombardi trophy


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