App Review: learning from the great onboarding process at MTailor

While looking for best onboarding practices for apps I found Semil Shah’s recommendation to check out MTailor’s new Android app. MTailor is a service selling “radically priced, perfect fitting custom shirts.” Their customization process includes taking the client’s measurements from a short video taken via the app with a mobile camera. I decided to take a look and involved my husband as a potential customer as MTailor is currently only for men.

MTailor’s onboarding is split into two stages. The first are five static screens which at first seems a bit excessive as the amount of information could have been compressed into less screens. That said, I really liked the way the information was clearly presented on them. I had no idea what the MTailor app was about when I installed it and these five screens described the service very succinctly and and progress was clearly marked. After scrolling through the screens I knew exactly what to expect from the app and service.

The second part of the onboarding is a step by step walk through the ordering process. Like the first, static part, the interactive process is clearly split into five steps. In the first, clients choose the type of fabric for the shirt. There are many options and what I really liked is that the final price of the shirt is stated on that first screen, right up front. So many shops reveal this information only at the final stage, hoping that the commitment to the process will prompt a purchase, yet this upfront approach is more appealing to many shoppers. No games, just honesty.

After choosing a fabric type, clients are asked, in the second screen, to select a collar, then a cuff on the third screen, unticked vs tucked shirt length on the fourth, and shirt cut on the fifth. All screens are clearly illustrated which, from my test client’s perspective was well-received. I liked it from the UI perspective: everything was uniform in design and clear in content.

What to wear for the measurement video: Spandex or Shirtless! From the MTailor app

What to wear for the measurement video: Spandex or Shirtless!
From the MTailor app

Then came the “wow” part: the digital measuring process. By creating a video, with arms raised, and dressed in very form fitting clothes (spandex is recommended, or no clothes at all, MTailor’s algorithm will extract the client’s measurements and create the perfect shirt. Here is where my test case abandoned the process. The video would be uploaded and “viewed by an expert” before being erased. The idea of being assessed in minimal clothing just didn’t appeal to him. Maybe as MTailor’s business grows they can trust their technology alone and not require an expert assessment as part of the process. That said, I’m not sure how many clients find this part of the process a deal breaker and whether it will work if MTailor starts offering shirts for women.

Yet, even though we ended up not purchasing a shirt, I did learn something from MTailor about how to create a clean onboarding process. The two parts, static/explanatory and then the interactive, step-by-step product customization make a lot of sense and adaptable for different kinds of apps. My takeaway is not to  try compressing too much information in each onboarding screen. Indicate from the beginning how many screens there are and steps in the process, then focus on one bit of information or one task in each screen.

The first, static part of the onobarding process at MTailor

The first, static part of the onobarding process at MTailor

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