Building a real community, one viewing party at a time

For the second time this week, my post is going to be about a product I have never seen or used because it is still in the crowdfunding stage, but like Umbrella Here, this app is doing something to bring people together in what we fondly call “the real world.” Movie on Me is an app that allows users to create events around movies, TV shows and sport events and depending on their settings, they can invite friends, everyone, or just people who like similar shows.

What's happening now, near you! Source: Movie on Me funding video

What’s happening now, near you!
Source: Movie on Me funding video

What caught my attention app is the other side of event planning: the guests. As a user, you can also open up a map and see what public events are happening right now in your area. You can filter by not only event types but also by the atmosphere, kid-friendliness, and so on. For movies, for example, Movie on Me allows filtering by genre and decade, showing private events and movie theaters that match the criteria. At these events, guests can find others who share their viewing interests, be they film noir or reality television. All that makes Movie on Me a great community building app.

However, despite my love for movies, I think it’s sporting events where Movie on Me can be great. Why? For two reasons: people love watching big games together and games are always viewed live. Both of those reasons will make viewing parties fun to set up, after all, why watch alone when you can watch with fans like you? From the guests’ perspective, it will be easy to find where a game is showing and even where they can see it with fans who support the same team they do.

Today, that information is hard to find. Even for bars who want to show games, it’s extremely difficult to get that information in time to viewers who want to watch. The options available today, such as posting that info on the web or social media, don’t really do the job. It’s also a challenge for fans to find viewing parties. Take, for example, the recent FIFA World Cup. There aren’t many soccer fans here in the US, and it wasn’t easy to find public venues that were showing the games. When I walked around with a Team USA scarf right before an important US match, three people asked me “do you know where I can see the game?” Movie on Me could have helped them instantly and found them pals who shared their love of the Beautiful Game.

Movie on Me is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Go check them out.



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