Midweek fluff: the great umbrella makeover!

No product, however small, can avoid becoming social and smart. In today’s midweek fluff piece, (could this become a tradition?) it’s time for the umbrella to get a makeover. How, you ask? With the “Umbrella Here” a small device that attaches to the top of your own umbrella.

It’s top-billed feature is enabling umbrella-sharing. Like a taxi, it lights up indicating that the umbrella’s owner is willing to share. That’s the cute and social part. As you know, getting people together under an umbrella is, according to The Hollies, a sure-fire path to love. As an umbrella owner, you attach the light on top of your umbrella, light it, and venture out into the rain. Anyone stranded without an umbrella, and who recognizes the lit device as an invitation to share, can seek shelter. There’s also a “missed-connections” kind of feature that lets the person who took cover under the umbrella to look up its owner and “continue the conversation.” I’m not so sure about this feature as it feels a bit stalk-ish. Who’s to say only the person who shared the umbrella can contact the owner? However it seems like there is an “add a friend” feature which does allow for some approval from the umbrella owner before details are shared.

Two other cute features: when not on your umbrella it will tune into the weather forecast and change colors accordingly. When rain is in the forecast it blinks to remind you to take it and your umbrella with you. The forecast is also available through the Umbrella Here app, of course. It can also send you reminders, such as when you forget it at a restaurant, bus or a park bench, the app will remind you to go back and take it.

The final piece of cuteness? You can change the Umbrella Here’s color to match your umbrella with the app.

So, you see, anything can be smarter and more social. Even the lowly umbrella.

PS See their Kickstarter campaign if you want in.

2 thoughts on “Midweek fluff: the great umbrella makeover!

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