Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make, Spire Will Be Watching You

There’s a new device in the crowded wearables market: Spire, a small, pebble shaped wearable with an accompanying app (of course) that will track your breathing, your steps, and your physical activity. What sets Spire apart from simpler wearables is that it offers instant and constant analysis of your breathing. It constantly listens and tells you if you’re anxious and stressed or calm, relaxed and focused.

Spire with its cordless docking station. Image courtesy of Spire.

Spire with its cordless docking station. Image courtesy of Spire.

What I liked about Spire and what differentiates it from other wearables is that beyond just tracking your activities and presenting that information back to you, it actually aims to provide advice and its ultimate goal seems to be to make the wearer a calmer, more focused person.

In the Techcrunch post covering the launch the founder Moraveji explains that “People only move about 15% of their day. How do you build a wearable that creates value for you your entire day?” He creates value by providing not just feedback of current actions but also of the previous few hours. He then offers techniques to help the user calm down or focus, just by controlling breath. I’m not sure this could have been done before without a personal yogi.

What I’d like to see added is more integration with other mobile apps and further analysis of that integration. Three examples are:

Maps and location tracking: do some places stress me out? Do some places calm me? Imagine if I knew if a certain grocery store stressed me more than another – where would I do my shopping?

Calendar: are there certain events on my calendar that stress or calm me? Are meetings with certain people at work more stressful?

Contacts and phone/messaging: are there certain people I contact that stress me? If just the thought of composing an email to someone causes stress, isn’t that something I should know? And hopefully address.

I look forward to trying Spire out. I’m curious how it can guide me to being a calmer person.



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