There Is No Excuse Not To Offer This Feature

A short post this afternoon as the day is short and the weekend beckons, but here’s a quick tip:

If you’re building an app that has anything to do with events, there is no excuse not to put an “add to calendar” option once the event is finalized. Be it Google Calendar (my weapon of choice) or any other calendar application, your application has to offer it.

Really? No "add to calendar" button?

Really? No “add to calendar” button?

A few examples that include places where I haven’t seen this feature and some that already integrate it quite well:

  1. Travel reservations. Can we just get rid of those incredibly unfriendly airline reservation emails? And hotels, too.
  2. Restaurant reservations. Most of the sites I’ve seen already have this.
  3. Private invitation sites.
  4. Ticket sites. For concerts, ballets, theater, sports, a book reading, anything you have to buy a ticket to.
  5. Grooming reservations. Salons and spas… for people and pets.
  6. Medical appointments. Why are they still giving me that little appointment reminder card?
  7. Volunteering sites. Help me remember that I promised to help. That goes to all the other community-driven apps, too.
  8. After school classes and sports clubs: the spark that started this post. If there’s a game in three weeks, it needs to be on my calendar. Otherwise it doesn’t exist.

Anything else?



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