Twitter Advertising: Location, Location, Location

I was completely surprised this morning to get an email with the following subject line from Twitter HQ: “Introducing our new home in Israel”

Introducing our new home in Israel??

Introducing our new home in Israel??

The email goes on to introduce new Twitter support for small and medium businesses in Israel and encourages me to follow the handle @TwitterIL_SME.

We can discuss whether or not Twitter has targeted me correctly as a small business (it has) and we can assume that it makes sense for Twitter to support such businesses and encourage them to advertise more on Twitter (it does,) but both of these points are irrelevant when you realize that Twitter has no idea where I am.

(Side note: I signed up for Twitter when in Israel but have been California since 2010. That information is in my Twitter profile. I also use the Twitter Android app.)

My location is set to Bay Area, CA.

My location is set to Bay Area, CA.

With all the talk about the rise of mobile advertising, what could be more relevant than location?? And if Twitter shows me that it clearly does not know this bit of information for me, the advertiser, how can I trust that it will know this information for the targeted audience of my campaign? After all, it makes sense for a small business to advertise locally but a small business also needs to be assured that its limited marketing dollars will be spent where they can have the greatest impact.

Twitter, your earnings are based on advertising revenue. Mobile advertising is the fastest growing advertising segment. Mobile advertising works better with reliable location information.

‘Nuff said.



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