Connecting People… with Apps!

There is one category of apps that are more about the power of connecting people on the go than about dazzling technology. Many of these are powered by the dynamics of the new sharing economy but some are just due to the fact that we’re all always walking around with a device more powerful than an old mainframe computer with constant connectivity. These apps are about connections between people that weren’t possible when we were all stuck accessing the net from our desktops.

I’m referring to apps like:

Uber, Lyft and the other ride sharing apps connects “casual” drivers and riders fed up with waiting for a taxi.

Airbnb connects people with a spare couch or room and people needing a temporary place to crash.

Fiddme connects amateur home chefs and adventurous tourists wanting to taste something new.

Tinder connects, well…

Connecting People

Connecting People

Standing out from these “convenience and entertainment” apps is One Degree. It’s an app trying to connect between social services and the people who need them most but also have the least time to look for them. Their CEO, Rey Faustino, said that based on their research, single mothers spend 20 hours per week looking for resources. Child care, medical services and so on. One Degree is trying to make it easier for social services to offer their services and reach their audience and for the people who need those services to spend less time looking for them.

What I like about One Degree is that they’ve really done their homework. They’ve discovered an audience with a real need and service providers that need help reaching them. They are doing their best to bring these two parties closer by providing an easy-to-use platform. Mr Faustino says “the demand seems to be out there with the company growing at an average of over 170-percent month over month for both users and the number of unique searches on the site.”

Well done and carry on!


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