A New Look For Facebook, But It’s All Superficial

Facebook announced an updated news feed yesterday and it was, well, a bit boring. As Facebook themselves describe the changes: “it keeps the layout and navigation people liked, but offers bigger images and photos, as well as a new font.” How exciting. Bigger photos!


Arial. Facebook’s new font.

Sorry to be a bit more excited about this but it will do absolutely nothing to my Facebook usage as I really didn’t have any problems with either the photo size or the fonts.

What I do have a problem with is how Facebook decides to display items in my news feed. Right now Facebook has a mysterious algorithm which decides what items I’d like to see. Well, it’s frequently wrong. I go to Facebook because my friends are there (they’re not on twitter or Google+ in the same volume) and I’d really like to see ALL the posts a certain group shares. Not just the ones Facebook thinks I want to see.

I’d also like my friends to see everything that I post (if they so choose.) Right now (or at least the latest data I found) that number is 35%. This makes my posts infrequent as I realize that my posts don’t reach my friends anyway, I’d rather use a different platform to reach them.

Notice that I’m not discussing ads or their placement. I’m not begrudging Facebook’s placement of ads in my feed. They need income, I understand. I also understand the limit to posts published by brands and businesses, that should pay to reach a larger audience. But I am disappointed that they didn’t use this update to give me more control over what I see in my feed.


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