BikeSpike: Product Perfection

BikeSpike is a product with a clear vision. It’s made for urban cyclists, those who rely on their bikes for their commute, and would really like their bike to be there at the end of the day when they want to ride home.

BikeSpike created a product with all the features I would put in a “smart” bike:

My bike, worth protecting.

My bike, worth protecting.

  • GPS to track your bike if stolen and track your activity otherwise? Check.
  • Crash detection to notify your friends if you’ve been in a crash and you may need help? Check.
  • Movement alerts that notify you if your bike is moved or toppled? Check.
  • Everything controlled by a mobile app? Check.
The only thing I’d do different with the BikeSpike is to partner with bike companies and make it an integral and internal part of the bicycle frame instead of an add-on that might be removed by a potential thief. Otherwise, it’s perfect.
Oh, finally, the price point: for the types of bikes that it will be protecting, I don’t think $129 is too high. Also, I’m sure the price will come down once it’s massively produced. Give it a year or two.

Hat tip to @ryanlawler for first tweeting about BikeSpike.

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