A Marriage Made In Mobile Heaven

The race is on for better health apps that monitor your physical activity as well as motivate you to do more, both on wearables that share information with your smartphones and as native apps. Soon we’ll all have some sort of activity monitoring device on our phones.

So what’s next?

What’s the number one motivator for physical activity? Music.

What’s already on your smartphone? Music.

Yes, it’s time to fit your musical selection to your physical activity. The new apps can recognize what kind of activity you’re doing, whether it’s running, walking, cycling and so on. Why not match your music to the pace of your activity? Or better yet, why not use music to motivate you to go just a bit faster? Playing music with a beat that’s a bit faster than your current rate can get you to go a bit faster, exercise a bit harder.

Music apps, whether they’re preset playlists and radio stations a la Pandora and Songza or apps that play my own music such as iTunes and Google Music, can get input from the fitness app and match the music BPM to my pace.

Finally, I came up with this idea while skiing with music. On the slopes, the player itself is

Going up with Bon Jovi

Going up with Bon Jovi

completely inaccessible. In order to protect it, I put it in a deep pocket of my jacket and put it on a random shuffle. This caused me to listen to Bon Jovi while on the lift and Corinne Bailey Rae when whooshing downhill. NOT a good fit to say the least. If only there were an app that could play chill music while I’m on the lift and pumped up music while skiing? Surely my fitness app could detect when I’m slowly riding up the lift and skiing swiftly down the mountain?

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