3 Guidelines to Follow When Designing Your Mobile App’s Main Page

I’m in the process of designing a new app and started thinking about what I’d like the app’s main page to look like. The main page is the one you first see when starting up the app. I came up with three guiding principles:

1. Constant change: you want your user to see something new every time you open it. Social media apps do this with your personal news feed. Other app types can find new information to display such as products, news, status, etc.

2. Entice you to go deeper into the app: once an app has gotten your attention (see first guideline) then it needs to engage you, to explore other screens.

3. Present the most important information that you need from the app. Despite guideline 2, don’t only tease users on the main page but give them the information they truly need. Sure, make them dig deep for in-depth data but at least give them the basics up front.

Now back to writing specs.


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