The Age of Wearables.

The main message out of CES is that 2014 is all about wearables. We have fitness wearables that measure your vital statistics but in a casual manner, we have medical wearables that measure your vital statistics in a serious manner, like Mimo’s baby monitor. In a subcategory we have the amazing medical wearables, like Google’s glucose-detecting contact lens. Finally we have wearables that are just another way to access your apps, like Google Glass and the various smart watches.

I wonder what the next stage of Wearables will be. Beyond the amazing medical ones. Here are a few thoughts:
Karaoke wearables: that listen to your singing and instantly telling you when you’re off key. 
Baby wearables that not only transmit their vital signs but can also vibrate and coo appropriately to soothe them. This sounds terrible even as I write it.
Language wearables that can be look somewhat like the Bluetooth headsets from a few years ago that audibly translate what you hear and say into another language. The Google Translate team must be working on that already.
Teaching wearables: worn like a glove, these can nudge your hand as you’re painting or playing an instrument.
I’ll come back to this one after CES 2015.

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