Facebook Adds Trending News

Trending News

Trending News

Here’s what Facebook is good at, no, great at: having all my real friends in one place. From far-flung family members, old classmates and coworkers and just casual “real-world” acquaintances, i.e. people I’ve actually met, they’re all on Facebook.

That’s a huge advantage, and not one easily imitated by competitors. Most of these friends are not on Google+, not on Twitter and not on LinkedIn. In fact, in my case there is only minor overlap between the social networks.

Now Facebook wants to be like Twitter and track trending topics. It added a cute window with what’s trending on the main screen (on the web) which I would have ignored had I not heard about it as it blends in so well with the ads.

Here’s my question: why is Facebook ignoring the huge advantage of knowing who my friends are? Instead of trying to imitate Twitter, give me something better: What’s trending among my friends? In my area? In my groups? Within a group of friends? With coworkers? With my family?

You have something no one else comes close to having, Facebook. Use it!


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