“You need to be on Facebook”

I’m a fan of several artists on Facebook – Annie Lennox and Tori Amos are two of them. When I started following them, I didn’t know what to expect.  I had assumed that someone whispered to their PR gurus to “get on Facebook” and from that point, most artists have taken the predictable route.
Both singers updated their newsfeed several times a day, mostly with show dates, TV appearances, CD releases – the usual PR updates.  Ms. Amos’ update from earlier today was:
Tori Amos on Facebook: Yawn.

Tori Amos on Facebook: Yawn.

“Second Show in Melbourne, Australia Announced. Tori will now play a second night in Melbourne, Australia at Regent Theatre on November 13. Tickets go on sale August 7 at … ” and she provides a URL.  In short, boring.    At this point I rarely bother to read her updates as they’re always PR statements as I assume that it’s some PR office that’s writing them.

Ms. Lennox, however, recently started venturing outside the normal spectrum of messages,  Her update today was:
“I watched The Godfather2 the other night…( for some weird reason it’s the first time I’ve seen it.) How could that be??!! It’s extraordinary. A masterpiece in every way. And as for Robert de Niro…”
Annie Lennox on Facebook: getting personal

Annie Lennox on Facebook: getting personal

This sounds much more personal than Ms. Amos’ updates.  In fact, it sounds so personal that the commenters doubt that it’s even Ms. Lennox who wrote the update, showing that if you’re an artist, you just can’t win: either you’re boring or no one believes that it’s you.
To paraphrase the old adage: if you don’t have anything interesting to say, don’t say anything at all.  Don’t “get on Facebook” (or twitter for that matter) if someone told you to do it. Do it if you really want to connect.

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