New Haagen Dazs Five: yes, we want this!

I recently came across an ad for Haagen Dazs’ new Five ice cream. The concept is simple: the ice cream is made out of five ingredients: sugar, eggs, milk, cream and natural product that provides the flavor, i.e. mint leaves or passion fruit or ginger. The selling point: these are the ONLY

Five: milk, cream, sugar, eggs and mint.  That's it.

Five: milk, cream, sugar, eggs and mint. That's it.

ingredients in the ice cream. That’s it, no artificial flavors, stabilizers, milk solids or other dubious ingredients we’re not familiar with.

The launch of Five seems perfectly timed. Consumers are fed up with unknown elements in processed foods and there is definite trend of eating only what you make from fresh ingredients. On the other hand, boutique ice cream is hard to find if you don’t live in Italy (or Little Italy, NY) and making it from scratch is not really an option.

What I love is the branding. The name, Five, is genius, clearly indicating the product’s main differentiator. The print ads are straightforward and clearly indicate not only the five ingredients involved, but that they’re essential to quality ice cream, and therefore desirable.

As if this weren’t enough, Haagen Dazs also chose to launch socially with sampling parties (with kits sent to bloggers to host parties and spread the word) and virtual press conferences where their ice cream experts exchanged tweets with consumers.

A good product, smart branding and a social media launch? What more could we want?


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