Small, effective and well done!

The Uniform Project was launched in January 2009 by Sheena Matheiken as a way to raise money for the Akanksha Foundation.  The idea is to wear the same black dress for 365 days but to use

A fine day in May -- I loved the shoes!

A fine day in May -- I loved the shoes!

different accessories each day to make the outfit unique.  A quirky idea, perhaps not original, as stated in the NY Times, but still, quirky enough to receive attention. 

I think it’s very well executed: Ms. Matheiken takes every day’s outfit seriously and manages to get 30-60 responses daily.  I also like the modesty of this endeavor – there’s no big corporate sponsor behind this.  It’s one person doing what they can for a cause they believe in.

Ms. Matheiken has managed to raise over $5,400 for her cause, which is admirable.  People have also donated accessories of their own creation to create new outfits and are in turn granted a link to their Etsy store, which is a nice touch. 
A great conversation is going on between Ms. Mathkeiken, her fashionista audience and her accessory-creating fans.  This is a great grassroots effort that proves yet again that not all social media campaigns need to make a huge splash to be successful.  All you need is a well thought-out plan and flawless execution.

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