Companies we love to hate

Yes I know this is yesterday’s news.  Bear with me.  This one even helped me create a new category: uncaring marketing.  Uncaring marketing is companies who really don’t care if you like them or their products.  They’re either a virtual monopoly or in industry where all players behave badly.
You knew I was going to talk about the mobile industry, right?
This is about the announcement coming out of the mighty offices of the European Union: all cellphones must now be sold with one universal charger.  We said: What took you so long?  This is something we’ve wanted for years.  Think of all the obsolete chargers you have lying around the house yet you cannot find the charger that fits your slowly dying cellphone because you left it at the office! 
Which brings me to uncaring marketing.  The cell phone operators don’t care about your measly happiness, soaring satisfaction or your petty needs.  In fact, they don’t care about you at all.  They care about selling phones and accessories like chargers and ear-phones.  They’re so sure you’ll

Does having a football on it make this multi-charger a joy to use?

Does having a football on it make this multi-charger a joy to use?

continue to buy their products BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO, that they really don’t care about your happiness.  It’s not like one company can be a saint because they’ll never make a plug like another manufacturer.  The best they can do is make their own work for every phone that they make. 

Sadly, not one company even chose this path, making potential phone upgraders free to choose any brand instead of staying loyal to their current brand. 
So now, the EU stepped up and put together a law to enforce something that the phone manufacturers should have done years ago. 
If they’d only cared.

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