It’s obvious, but only you can see it

Today I went to my local library, an institution that seems so archaic, yet always seems full of activity when go exchange books.  Sure, the Reference Room, full of all those lexicons, encyclopedias, histories, biographies and dictionaries, feels like an abandoned ghost town, but the children’s corner and adult fiction are still drawing the crowds.
On the bulletin board was an exciting notice.  I say exciting because it was obvious effort had been invested in the design and editing of the notice.  It said, in short, “The library is now online! You can renew books, check our catalog and order books!”  Since this is a great leap forward for our library, I’ll show restraint and make no comment about the timing of this extraordinary revolution at our library… OK, maybe it’s only 8 years too late?
But what really disappointed me, after all the effort put into this notice was that…
The site’s URL wasn’t there!  What seems trivial to any online marketer (get your URL out there) simply eluded the author.
Do you think asking them to list new arrivals is too much?

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