Where is everyone?

What is a browser?  This was the question posed to passersby in Times Square by a guy called Scott from Google (thanks Orli for bringing it to my attention) and it’s a highly amusing two and a half minutes of a typical “lets see how little your average Joe knows about topic X” in this case, a web browser.  The video’s final slide said that less than 8% of all passersby knew what a browser what, yet clearly these were all people who access the Internet on a daily basis, most likely through a web browser.
But joking aside, sometimes as marketers we need to realize that our audience knows a lot less about technology and social media than we think. Because we belong to at least three social networks, we automatically assume that everyone belongs to one.  There are 60 million members of Facebook in the United States, yet there are over 305 millionAmericans – i.e. less than 20% of Americans are on Facebook, clearly not “everyone.” 
Sure, there are demographics where participation in social networks is much higher than 20% sometimes even close to 100%. In that case, by all means create a “social media strategy” to reach them. All I’m saying is that we need to remember that Twitter and Facebook are clearly not mainstream, not in use by the majority of Americans.  Make sure your message is displayed to wherever your audience is, be it a social network, a TV ad, or even a billboard.

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