Hello World

So this is my first blog post – where I know I’m supposed to explain my reason for being, the driving force behind my witty posts, the spark to my fire. So here are a few reasons I started writing this blog:

1. I like to write. It’s one of the only creative outlets I feel good doing.

2. I like being critical. For me, it’s a way to voice my opinion.

3. I love marketing, the efforts that companies make to reach their customers/users/buyers. I love noting discrepancies between the millions companies spend on campaigns and the customer’s actual experience when trying the product or calling customer care or walking into a branch. I also like looking at the ways companies and brands are using social media as part of their marketing efforts, and the ways that social media use by customers is perceived by the brands.

“What it all boils down to” will try to get at the essence of the marketing message. What the users/customers hear, and not necessarily what they were told.

As for you, dear readers, I look forward to the interaction, the true fun behind blogging.

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